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Alexander Ethans - City Of Stanton - www.ethansforstanton.com

Alexander Ethans is in favor of taxing basic needs like tap water, clothing, electricity, phones, gas for cars, etc. We need to save Prop 13!

Elected in 1996.

Supported the Stanton parcel tax in 1997

Supported the Stanton utility tax in 2001

Voted to place a 50% utility tax increase on our ballot in June 2012 even though he said he would not increase taxes during his campaigning for office.

Major fundraising and campaigning in favor of the 50% utility tax increase leads back to Al Ethans' home addresses!

Alexander Ethans increased our sewer fee again in 2012 (2nd year in a row) without a vote of the people while he was writing on his 2012 campaign website "no new taxes".

Then Alexander Ethans increased our taxes in 2014 and is in favor of keeping your sales taxes the highest in Orange County.

Where is all of this money going?
Employee Name Job Title Total Pay & Benefits
James Box Administration (City Manager) $233,515
Omar Dadabhoy Community Development Director $188,168
Allan Rigg Public Works Director $173,925
Julie Roman Community Services Director $168,753
Stephen Parker Administrative Services Director $163,362
Dulce Courtney Accounting Manager $125,896
Keith Gifford Code Enforcement Supervisor $101,135
Kelly Hart Associate Planner $99,276

Source: Transparent California

More businesses closed on Beach Blvd. and around the city. Some highlights include the closure of Ralphs Grocery, 2 Albertsons, Sizzler, Freshia, Red Robin, Sizzler, Mimi's, Acapulco, Wendy's, Mario's, Alberto's, Burger King, China King, El Ranchito Market, and what used to be major shopping centers are almost completely vacant. This reduces our sales tax base.

Stanton businesses are gone which reduces employment opportunities for our community. We still have nearly the highest unemployment rate in all of Orange County and he still has not created a plan for employment opportunities in over 20 years.

Al has cost us taxpayers over a $1,000,000 of funding to our Sheriff and Fire departments leading to less sworn officers, crime suppression and fire personnel. Our taxes didn't go down but our safety services did. It has been uncovered that his home addresses was used for the recent campaign that would have increased our utility taxes by over 50%. If it were up to him a family of 5 would be paying around $500 a year on the city utility tax and cell phone tax combined.

City Hall cannot be trusted with more of our money. Sorry but there is no real fiscal transparency. City Hall just spent more than $24 million over the past few years on parks but this huge expenditure is mysteriously missing from the Stanton budget! Go to the Stanton website and try to find it in the budget. And the huge pensions for our city and safety service workers are missing too! Go look for yourself. Tens of millions of our dollars unaccounted for.

Did you know that Stanton has been acquiring properties such as small strip mall, strawberry field, commercial properties, residential properties, etc. when they claim to be poor? This adds up to over 60 properties around the city. I thought we were told for years that the city had no money?

More taxes for “safety services” is the same old tired story that we were told back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The same story in 1997, the early 2000’s, 2012, and 2014 too. Remember, ask yourself, “Why doesn’t nearby Midway city, Rossmoor, and surrounding unincorporated islands have all these extra taxes for ‘safety services’ like Stanton does”?

Notes: Do not re-elect Alexander Ethans. Alexander Ethans has had a dramatic negative impact on our city and has not followed through on all of his major campaign promises.

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