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STANTON: High local taxes but we promise to get it right this time... Click here to read more.


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Josh Newman Recall Election

The recall election has been qualified and scheduled for June 5, 2018. By recalling Sen. Josh Newman, you will be taking the first step in fighting future taxes!

Senator Josh Newman cast the deciding vote to raise the gas and car tax by $52 billion - making gas sold in California the most expensive in the country.

On November 1, gas prices shot up by 12 cents a gallon or more because of Senator Newman's vote on SB 1.

Newman's $52 Billion Gas and Car Tax Hike
Because of Josh Newman's vote on SB 1, gas prices increased by 12 cents a gallon on November 1, 2017. Newman's vote means the average family will pay thousands of dollars more in taxes.

Newman Raised Vehicle Registration Fees by up to $170

Newman vote to increase the car and gas tax will cost Californians $52 billion.
Source: SB 1

Over 80,000 of Josh Newman's constituents signed a petition to recall him after he betrayed the middle class.

Scheme to Delay the Election:

Senator Newman and his allies in the legislature passed legislation to delay a recall election which would have occurred by now had they not acted.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sued arguing that the delay tactics involved unconstitutional retroactive changes in longstanding recall law.

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