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Mayor David Shawver
Mayor David Shawver

Stanton Mayor David Shawver was elected in 2018. As a Stanton Council Member Shawver worked for dozens of years to increase local Stanton city taxes and fees on the residents and businesses of Stanton. And as Mayor he has worked to increase more local Stanton city taxes and fees in just a short period of time.

Dave Shawver - City of Stanton -

Mayor David Shawver has done nothing about crime in Stanton. Stanton needs a plan for crime reduction and not just past statistics.

Mayor David Shawver cut our Sheriff and Fire supression services. Funding to our services went down but our taxes did not! That's not fair!

David Shawver put the Utility Users Tax increase on our ballot in 2012. This would have increased the tax on our cell phones, home phones, water, electricity, and other utilities.

In 2014 here were are again. Dave put the Stanton Sales Tax increase on our ballot. We need to stop Measure GG and stop David Shawver! WE can't afford 4 more years of Dave Shawver!

David Shawver has done nothing to improve business retention. We have only 1 major grocery store left! Shouldn’t that be telling us something?

David Shawver is in favor of the Utility Tax Scam. He promised too many times for too many years that the tax would be rescinded. Why hasn't Dave kept his promise?

David Shawver has done nothing to reduce unemployment. We are now #1 in unemployment of all OC cities. We’ve got to turn this around.

Mayor David Shawver has done nothing about our graffiti problem. After being in office since the 1990s David has done nothing to solve the problem. We don’t need to just remove it. We need a plan to prevent it.

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